Winter makeup look 2016

As you know its getting a little more colder outside and with that I would like to share my makeup look with you that will make you love makeup forever.

I used the huda beauty lip kit to go on my lips and also the makeup pallet to complete the final look comment down below what you think of this look.


Christmas wishlist 2016

Hey you guys so today I decided that I was gonna show you guys what I want to get for Christmas! I am in no way bragging and I most likely won’t get these items but its something to help you guys and for me to look back on throughout the year and maybe get myself.

Canon rebel t5i 

 I really like the flip out screen.
Sweater dresses

I’ve always wanted to own some so I can wear fashion boots tights and a sweater dress.
Anastasia lip kit 

I really love the lip kit they are really pretty colors.

So that was just some of the things I really wanna get or just something to come back to I hope you guys enjoyed byee.

Goodnight post

“May your dreams come true and your heart stay filled with love”

Fun summer Ideas


So we know we are in the middle of the summer and between going back to school next month for me any way there are many things that the summer can offer you and at a reasonable price I must say.

YouTube is a good pass time to watch if your stuck in the house and you don’t want to go outside. Some of my favorite YouTubers are floral princess,callmemay(hint,hint haha) Alisha Marie,and many more

Creating diys is something that can be done with the things around your house I will be doing a diy segment on my blog when schooltime comes back around

Hanging out with friends can be a fun thing to do also.

I love to read so much it takes me into another world.

There are some things you can do this summer that doesn’t cost much or none at all.
What are your favorite thins to do this summer.

Peace out girlscout

Beauty blogger tag

So today I wanted to do the beauty blogger tag I’ve been seeing so many bloggers do this and I thought it would be fun to do.

Skin care-
Do you have freckles?
Nope.But they are beautiful.

What do you think of pigmented eyeshadows?
I love them you can do so many unique looks.

Are you clumsy putting on mascara?
If you count poking yourself in the eye then yes haha.

Could you ever leave the house with out makeup?
Yes,but sometimes I like to just wear mascara to make my eyelashes look longer for school haha.

What do you think about makeup?
That’s easy,makeup is an art.


Glam summer look

My camera didn’t catch the nice color in this makeup look I need a new camera do yo guys know any good blogging cameras.
Anyways I wanted to do this glam makeup look for the summer its kinda like a cool warm summer night look.
I used my ice statement enhance palette to combine the two colors that I used and I also used my bare minerals flawless definition mascara. If you would like a video on this look I would gladly show you.

~peace out girlscout


4 months blogging

Hello guys today I wanted to say that this is my 4th month blogging and I love everything about and I’m so thankful for you all and many more of you and years to come. If you want my Instagram its lovelytrendsetter  and I will be making a twitter but I wanted to wait until my Instagram took off more so you guys can chat with me on there.

~peaceout girlscout


Drugstore makeup

This is the Ice image control enhance pallete and the colors are very beautiful. Now the pigmentation is pretty good for a drugstore product and I honestly like it a lot. It comes with many colors from natural to bright colors. And the eye shadow stays on even through sweat and I never had to add a primer to make sure it stayed also. If you would like to see a makeup look from this please just comment down below and I will be sure to give you guys one.


I swatched  the colors